Thursday, April 4, 2013


I was vacuuming the house this morning

And I look over to see this little man...

He had climbed on the chair all by himself. I gave him the "what are you doing? You are too cute. Is this dangerous?" look

He gave me the cutest smirk.

He is not the most agile kid because he is so chunky.

I am ready for the baby to come because I have been feeling nauseated and tired the past two weeks. But at the same time I know it is going to get all chaotic up in this house! Luckily today is the last day I have to watch sarge all by myself! Blake has flex Friday tomorrow and lorraine flies in tomorrow even though she is staying the weekend with her other grandkids... I can't hog her the whole time! :)

Last night we went to the park. Blake played with Sarger and I did a light jog around and around the park. I am hoping the jogging will help... I definitely get lots of contractions but not the ouchy kind yet.