Friday, October 26, 2012

Pictures Galore From My Phone

Hello Blogging World!

Here are a bunch of pictures from my phone since we have moved to Oregon.

Sarger is now 10 months and can pull himself up and cruise along the furniture. He has been teething pretty hard the last 2 weeks, poor guy. I think the top two are going to come in soon.

He likes to look outside.

He doesn't like when I am on the couch and he can't get up there. I always sit on the floor with him. He loves to be where I am at. He doesn't like when I walk to another room without him. He is busy, busy, busy!

This is his first time rock climbing... haha jk. (Blake put him on the wall and he's right behind him waiting to catch him.)

He loves to touch the keys on the computer.

This was our tree outside our house during the first of September... gorgeous orange and red. The leaves have been gone for a couple of weeks.

This is a bad picture from Story Time at the Library for babies 0-1. It's so much fun. We sing songs and the babies get to play with toys and interact.

He stands up in his crib when he wakes up from his naps. This time he was cranky and crying. He is just so sweet even when he is crying.

Good chipmunk profile. He is over 24 lbs. He is a big, long boy.

He like to watch the dog outside.

This was our picnic at the park in between General Conference sessions on Saturday. He likes to play with Apollo's leash.

General Conference was wonderful. We watched all sessions.

Bath time is so fun!

This is a picture of my niece Emma when we were at Family Fun Center and she went on a big, scary ride all by herself (I couldn't go and Blake didn't want to, lol) We had an awesome sleepover to celebrate her 8th b-day.

The most Legit Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island.

They take you on a hay ride and drop you off at a big field of pumpkins. The pumpkins actually grew in that spot and they just killed the stems. I have never been to a real pumpkin patch.

We ended up pinking this little pumpkin...haha Actually Blake lugged us an over 50 lbs. pumpkin. Over 26 lbs. all the pumpkins are $7, score!

It was the most beautiful day!

Sarger's first baby crush. They like to hold hands and play.

A terrible picture I took of a picture we got of Sarger. (It's a lot cuter in real life)

This is a pic in July at Rockaway beach. We have gone to the beach quit a few times already since we moved here.

Wakeboarding with Shawn and Candice's Family. We do a lot of our activities with them. It is so AWESOME to have family here! I love it!

So sweet!

The first day we moved into our house he found the door stoppers to 'boing'.

At the park going on a walk. We have gone on a walk almost everyday when it's not raining.

Blueberry picking is awesome in Oregon. So many blueberry farms. (August)

Swimming at Monica's. It was hot this summer!

Beach during Labor Day weekend.

Camping at the Beach Labor Day weekend with Candice's Family. It was a blast.

Blake singing Portuguese to  Sarger... I love his facial expressions.

Mirror Lake Hike.

Lincoln City Beach

Blake is the best husband and father ever! He loves his new job as a Mechanical Design Engineer at Xerox. We are so glad he got the job and we love it here!

And I have some exciting news.......

Yes we are pregnant! We are very excited! (That's a big reason why I haven't been blogging lately)

Due April 13, 2013!!