Monday, December 17, 2012

Sarger is 1!!!

This is a pic of Sarger taking his 1 year old birthday bath for the day.

I love this baby boy. I can't believe Blake and I survived a whole year of this cute baby boy! 

Sarger is opening up his Birthday presents (and Christmas presents... don't tell him!)
Oh my goodness, Blake and I were dying laughing. Sarger was SO EXCITED about his new toys. He was giggling and clapping his hands like crazy. It has been fun watching him play with his toys.


The day after he was born. So tiny.

Our Christmas present in 2011.

Ever since he was born he is super alert and active.

This picture is so tender of him.

He has such a special spirit that he brings into our home!

Making him laugh is the best sound in the whole world.

His pregnancy was the worst, hardest period of my life that I have EVER gone through (The night I went into labor Dec. 26, 2011). 

He was so worth all the pain and sickness though!

Happy Birthday SARGER!!!!