Saturday, June 30, 2012

On our way... Idaho

We made it to Rexburg. I love our little green Camry with 240,000 on it. It works like a charm. Blake and I joke that Sarger will learn how to drive in this car...

I love coming to Rexburg and seeing Lorraine and Daris. Lorraine always cooks the most scrumptious food and she loves to play with Sarge. We got to Rexburg around midnight.

We ate grilled Salmon, grilled corn, fresh salad, and fruit salad for lunch with grandpa Stewart.

We visited the Weimer grandparents out on their wheat farm. Kim, Jody, and their kids came over and visited with us too.

Blake and I went to BYUI to watch Christines Championship basketball game. Jody and kenzie came with us as well. Christine is so hot on the court and dominates. Unfortunately, they had terrible refs and Christine got fouled out of the game. I guess Christine has to let other teams win occasionally... She is the amazing!

Today, Saturday, we left for Hunington, Oregon. On our way, we stopped at a town called Burley to see one of my best friends... Liz and her beautiful family! I am so glad we saw them. Liz's hair was so super cute and she decorats and make the cutest stuff for her house. Avery and Oakley are growing up quick.

Well we are an hour outside of Boise. Still in desert land, I can see the big blue open sky.

Peace out

Thursday, June 28, 2012

On the road


The past few weeks have been crazy! Blake and I have spent all day everyday getting our house ready to rent out.

We had to finish the landscaping in the backyard with the mulch and gravel.

My dad flew up last weekend to help is and help us he did! We put in a new window, filled in our dry well, put up landscaping rocks, taped some more of the basement....

We also went up to Tober where my Aunt and Uncle lived. We had a fantastic time. I really love and admire Toby and Peter. I love how they live the gospel. They are both a great example to me. They live at over 9,000 feet. We sat talking under the stairs and then roasted smores by the fire.

It is so so so dry here in Colorado. We can see the Fort Collins wildfire from our house. Billowing smoke clouds from the mountains... So sad! There are like 13 fires going on in CO! We are praying for rain!

This week Blake and I have put in a new microwave. I killed our microwave last week....

Have you ever heard that you can kill your microwave if you turn it on and nothing is in there? Well yep it kills it.

Haha. I thought I had corn in there and I had it on for 6 min. It's dead. :)

We also put in a sump pump in the basement, jacked up our backyard deck, put reinforced boards to hole our failing deck, we painted the front and back wood railings, and got our house ready for the movers.

I am exhausted. We finally made it on the road this afternoon headed toward Rexburg, ID. We will get to Oregon on Sunday.

The moving company can't pack up our house until July 9 because this is the busiest time of year for movers.

We found a great family to rent out our home to.

I know its going to be a lot different when we move to Oregon. Every place has a different feel and flow. Especially since I'm a desert girl and I am now moving into the rainy coast! It will be a change for sure. I am excited for a new adventure!

Colorado, I'm going to miss you. Johnstown, I'm going to miss you and our beautiful home! 

Oregon... Here we come!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I am thankful for my dad who raised me to know and learn many invauble lessons. Who taught me at an early age to love the outdoors and love living life. My dad played with us children and loved us.

I am thankful for my husband who is my equal partner in loving and caring for our son. He gets up at night with him to let me sleep. He knows how to take care of Sarger when I'm not around and is a hands on dad in everything that we do.

I am most grateful for the most important Father in my life, my Father in Heaven. I am so grateful that I am a daughter of God.

Happy Father's Day to all the men in the world who are loving, caring, and kind to children.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I like mulch

Here is the exciting News!!!

Blake accepted a job offer from Xerox! We are both excited! The job is in Oregon!

Crazy business!

So we are preparing our house to put up for sale. (Isn't it funny how quickly you can get tasks done with a quick deadline?)

Today we purchased mulch for our yard and gravel for our large dry well and side yard.

Blake did all the gravel. The sound of rock being scraped with a shovel into a wheel barrow reminds me of nails on a chalkboard. So I let Blake get to work while I entertained the babster. I got to shovel and spread the mulch. It was fun.

This evening as I was pushing a wheel barrow of mulch into the backyard and Blake was on a blanket with Sarger, and our next door neighbor follows me into our backyard with a wheel barrow filled with mulch. That was so nice of him! He helped us get all the mulch into the flower beds for over an hour. I like how he just pitched in without even asking if we needed help.

It brings a point up: How many times after visiting/home teaching do we ask the phrase "I there anything I can do for you?" And the recipient answers no and then I leave with nothing done. I want to jump into service.


Tonight I feed baby Sarger a new solid food: sweet potato. The verdict: I think he liked it, he didn't not like it.

He is turning 6 months in a few days... Where did the time go? It takes a million years to get pregnant and wait for the nine plus months. Then wham! After the baby gets here time flies (I like that part).

Ok I know this is going to sound crazy, but tonight is the first night I put him in his crib in his own room. Our pediatrician told me to have him sleep in our room for the first 6 months to prevent SIDS.

As I am writing this blog post on my phone its weird that I can't just look over at my sleeping boy.

At least I can see him on my tv screen and he's sleeping like a baby. Goodnight!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My beef

Or I guess chicken.....

Ok so Blake and I were out running errands today. We had coupons for free chick-fil-A sandwiches. So we got our food and ate our delicious sandwiches. After I ate, Sarger was hungry. So I grab my nursing shawl and I'm up against a wall and I nurse my baby. I see the guy in front of me in the booth in front of us get his phone out....

And in my head I'm like oh my gosh he is totally taking a picture of me nursing. I mean no one looks at their phone to text message or anything at eye level. You only put your phone at eye level to use the camera/video!

I made Blake get in front of me so he couldn't keep looking at me through the phone.

And I know this isn't nice but he was with his guy buddies and they all looked like douches.

I mean was I totally paranoid?! I think that's so rude.

Was he shocked I was nursing in a restaurant (everyone has to eat it wasn't like I was hanging out for everyone to see)?

That just makes me mad. Why can't they be respectful.

Today I had my first scary little motherhood moment. It's really nothing but it just scared me.

I was getting Sarger ready for an evening bath. And his little hand hit a razor on the edge of the bathtub. The razor fell on the floor and I looked at his hand to see if he had cut himself. I didn't see anything. Then his hand reached out and touched the toiled seat and there was smeared blood. It scared me. I yelled for Blake and he came in. He had cut his little finger, it made me so sad. It was just a little cut. This was his first owie. It's crazy to think that this is a first of many scrapes and bruises. How do mothers handle it? He is my baby. I just want to protect him as much as possible.

But besides that today has been a great day. We got lots of errands done and we had a picnic in our backyard.

Even though its beautiful weather its hazy outside from the Fort Collins wild fire.

Blake and I are super busy everyday. Did I tell you we are getting ready to put our house up for sale?

Yes we have some exciting news!

Friday, June 8, 2012

5 Month Year Old

Here's the studio portrait of Mr. Sarge. He was not super smiley this day and this is the best shot we got of him.

You can't win every battle!

I did something dumb this week. Blake pulled all the clothes out of the dryer and guess what he sees laying there in bottom?

My bluetooth.

It had gotten washed and dried.

I was soo sad when he told me! I love my bluetooth, it brings freedom in my life.

Blake said we should still see if it works. He charged it up and


It works!!!

Yeah I am a happy camper!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It melts my heart

One of my favorite things is to make Sarger giggle.

A baby's giggle (especially my own child) is like the sweetest music to my ears.

I could do it all day if he would let me!

(Even looking at him giggling makes me want to wake him up to play with him... ALMOST!)

Shop till you drop

The other day Blake and I go grocery shopping and baby Sarger does really well shopping.

He is entertained looking around and being whisked away in the cart.

He fell asleep with the toy in his mouth. 

It's probably just me, but I thought it was so funny and so cute!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We have a new pet!

Ok well, I guess he's not super new... Or I could say she....

Anyways we have a cute, little cotton tail bunny that lives in our front yard.

We have usually seen him chilling out on the lawns in the evenings.

Today we saw him doing something naughty...

Or I should probably say survival.

He dug a hole and we saw him gathering up vegetation and putting in his pit! It was kind of cool to watch.

But now I'm wondering if its bad for our yard...

Should we get rid of our bunny
Leave him be?!?!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Babester Show

We got these pictures done last month.

Sorry they aren't the greatest quality.
You have to turn your head sideways to see this one.

I love getting his pictures taken.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Barbeque Days

Johnstown has an annual BBQ Days.

We went to the Fireman's breakfast, it was delicious.

We went to the parade. I love parades. I remember my dad always talking and waving to the people in the parade. I use to be so embarrassed. That's totally what I do now, it's so much more entertaining!

There was an arts and crafts fair at the park.

While we were waiting in line for the breakfast,

we saw a HUGE swarm of bees right over our heads.

Thousands of bees... it was surreal and pretty freaky. Blake and I looked up online about bees and I guess they were moving to a new location.

Fireworks tonight!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Movie Reviews

One of my favorite parts of the day is after we put Sarger down for bed at 8pm and it's just Blake and I time. We talk, hang out, and occasionally watch a show. We love to rent movies from the library... because it's free! We just watched both of these movies recently and I have never heard of them before. 

This was a super cute, good movie! I recommend it to everyone. Wonderful message! PG

I liked this movie too! I know this is ageism but I thought I wouldn't like it because the main characters are older. But I enjoyed it. There is a mystery to it and we find out at the end! PG13 (but clean)

Anyways, check out these movies, let me know what you think

Who's in the laundry?

I come home to find a baby in the laundry basket!

Blake said Sarge was very entertained inside the laundry basket... who's more entertained: Blake or the babster?
SO cute!
We went on a walk! It is the most perfect evening ever! No wind high 70's, just perfect.

This is Sarger's first time on a swing. He really liked it! Once we took him off he fussed a little bit.
He looks like a super chunk in this picture... hahaha

His hair is slowly  but surely coming in!

Oh man I love this beautiful weather!